# How We Work

# Ideals

We share very strong ideals among us

  • We want effective change in how civil society organizes itself
  • Decentralization is the way to change, but we're aware that its a bumpy and long road, and taking straight paths is sometimes needed
  • Transparency above anything
  • Trust before hierarchies
  • We believe in an open-source approach to creation
  • We don't sell, nor over-promise. Instead, we communicate things as we see them, including pros and cons

# Balance

We strive for a sustainable work-life balance

  • We encourage the use of working hours to learn things related to our work and our collective mission.
  • We encourage a balanced lifestyle and we suggest a daily average of 7 working hours
  • We adapt to everyone's needs and motivations

# Coordination

  • We are fully autonomous and responsible individuals. Therefore nobody mandates days, schedules, or hours that you work
  • We don't like official processes, but we're not afraid when they are needed
  • We are a fully remote team. We have a bi-monthly retreat for team building

# Development practices

  • Open-source everything
  • Test-driven development
  • Integration and unit testing
  • Well-documented and maintained APIs
  • Well-documented reasoning behind decisions

# Join us

If you think you can help us to fullfill our mission, check out our careers page (opens new window).

Last Updated: 7/28/2021, 2:05:34 AM