# Namespace Contract

Concurrent Process contract instances may not be chained together and this could cause processId duplication issues if the same entity created processes among them. This is why Process contracts are assigned a unique namespace Id when they are created.

Same as the Genesis Contract, the Namespaces also acts as a central registry where Process instances register for a unique Id. This Id also allows to filter processes when querying the Vochain or a Gateway.

The instance of the Namespaces contract is resolved from namespaces.vocdoni.eth on the ENS registry.

# Contract

The struct defining a namespace is so simple:

mapping(uint32 => address) public namespaces;
uint32 public namespaceCount;

# Methods

  • register() is called by process contracts upon deployment. They receive a unique namespaceId and are registered as the contract assigned to this index.
Last Updated: 6/18/2021, 4:45:07 PM